Effortlessly construct web pages, web apps, navigation, sign-up forms, and e-commerce sites in multiple languages using our sleek and ready-to-use language tokens.

LíngAwesome, the "FontAwesome for language," simplifies the process of integrating multiple languages into web applications. By utilizing language tokens as placeholders for translations, LíngAwesome automatically replaces the tokens with translated content. It intelligently handles form fields and updates translations in real-time, ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience.

With LíngAwesome, language localization becomes effortless, instantly making web applications accessible and captivating to global audiences.

Experience the power of LíngAwesome and create multilingual wonders in mere seconds. Translate your content into 20 languages and more with ease.

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20 Languages

Easily build multi-language web pages, web apps, navigation, sign-up forms, and ecommerce sites.

Standard Tokens

Access a comprehensive set of 299 standard tokens for streamlined and consistent localization.

Auto Language Detection

Effortlessly switch between languages based on user preferences with automatic language detection.

Blazingly Fast

Create multilingual experiences with lightning-fast performance, ensuring smooth user interactions.

Quick Integration

Add localization to your projects in minutes, saving time and effort in the development process.

Simplified Localization

Simplify the localization process with intuitive markup and easy implementation.


Join a vibrant community of developers contributing to the growth and improvement of Lingawesome.

Global Accessibility

Make your web applications accessible and engaging to users worldwide, breaking language barriers.

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Hello World Example

Hello World
Welcome Back

Looking for more translation tokens? Check out the examples page.